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Clermont, FL, March, 1, 2010- Vice President Joe Biden visited Prince’s US 27 jobsite on March 1, 2010 to discuss the success and economic impact of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009. Biden, along with Senator Bill Nelson, D-Fla., and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood showed their support for the federally funded road widening project in Clermont, Florida and projects like it across America. Speaking to a crowd seated on concrete pipes, Biden explained how ARRA transportation and infrastructure projects are improving communities, easing travel, and creating jobs.

“More shovels are going to be going into the ground this spring and this summer than any time last year,” Biden said to an audience of roughly two dozen Prince employees, adding that in Florida it “means 15,000 guys wearing hard hats and engineers and surveyors, people who are able to make a decent wage and raise a family on, are going to be put to work.”

Biden acknowledged the American people’s frustration with high unemployment rates and the overall slow pace of economy recovery, but explained that federal stimulus spending has been beneficial in creating or saving two million jobs throughout the country. He also added that more jobs will be created as transportation projects, funded through ARRA, continue to commence.

“When you lose eight million jobs in this Great Recession and you keep it from being ten (million), that’s no solace to the eight million who don’t have a job, man,” Biden said. “We have to make this work. Too many people are in trouble in this country.”

The widening of US 27 is a $19.8 million project that will employ between 20 to 50 Prince personnel at different stages. Not only has it saved Prince jobs, but also approximately 60 percent of the Recovery Act funds for the project will be used locally to hire subcontractors and buy materials, helping to further stimulate the economy and put even more Floridians to work.