PRINCE teams were working hard yesterday to help clear the way after Hurricane Irma. There were 21 large trees across the Turnpike Northbound near I-75 that were removed to allow traffic to pass.

Prince Contracting, LLC
Tampa, Florida



Governor Rick Scott Breaks Ground on the I-75/University Parkway Project in September

3Q 2014 to 3Q 2015 brought many changes and marked several significant milestones for Prince.  We’ve had a busy and exciting year, beginning with our acquisition by Dragados Construction USA, a subsidiary of Grupo ACS, ranked the largest contractor in the United States and Asia by ENR, and one of the largest contractors in the world.   With an increased capacity and a bounty of benefits that this relationship affords, Prince was quick to exploit the positives and set in motion a series of events that has had, and will have in the years to come, a significant impact on the future of the company.

The Estimating Department

In a bid-driven business, it all begins with the Estimating Department.  We added three additional estimating positions and are adding two more to the team in the next couple of weeks.  We also hired an additional CADD Technician and a Design-Build/Alternative Contracting support position.

  • In 2014, the Estimating department submitted 29 bids worth $782.4 million, and was low bidder on four of them totaling $153.2 million.
  • So far in 2015, the department has submitted 26 bids worth $5.2 billion, and have won six totaling $445.1 million.
  • Average award amount increased from $38.3 million in 2014 to almost doubling at $74.18 million YTD in 2015.
  • We have over $2 billion in the pipeline for 4Q 2015.
  • Pete Morgan, Senior Estimator based out of our Orlando Grand National office, was appointed Chief Estimator, Structures; and David Metheny, Senior Estimator based out of the Corporate office in Tampa, was appointed Chief Estimator, Roadway.
  • Robert Bounds, Senior Estimator based out of our Miami office, was appointed Alternate Contracting Procurement Manager, and focuses on Design-Build and P3 projects. Carolina Florez was hired as the Marketing & Procurement Assistant to help him with these pursuits, a major locus of our strategy moving forward.
  • We welcomed Bruce McIntosh, Marco Osorio, Alan Rodriguez, Jorge Baez, Alex Bellon, Christopher Tolson, and John McComas to the Estimating team.
  • So far, for 2016, projected bids total in excess of $1,000,000,000. This number will increase significantly as projects are posted throughout the year.
  • Winning the I-10/Avalon Boulevard project near Pensacola allowed us to realize our goal of expanding into FDOT District Three, our first project there.
  • In September, we turned in our largest bid ever as part of our joint venture with Flatiron and Dragados on the I-285 at SR 400 P3 project in Georgia. (Results will not be announced until December.)
  • Because of our bidding success, we’ve added over 100 employees in the past year, and our backlog is the highest it’s been in our company’s history.

Two beautiful cranes hard at work on the Wekiva Parkway project in Apopka, FL; Matthew Schumacher, Project Manager

With a backlog of around $500,000,000 and over $238,000,000 yet to start, Operations has been extremely busy and is going through a major expansion.  Recently, Daniel Ruiz Andujar joined us as our new Chief Operating Officer. He oversees all construction-related activities and staff.  With over 15 years’ experience managing large construction projects in various parts of the world, Daniel brings a fresh perspective to the company and a vast wealth of construction knowledge.

Robert Burr, who has been with Prince for over 22 years, was promoted to Vice President, overseeing all of the construction projects across the state.

We hired several seasoned and highly-capable Project Managers, including Lizabeth Howard, John Ward, Alan Taylor, and Kevin Heuer.

Matthew Schumacher, Project Manager (2005), Sean Ireland, Senior Project Manager (2006), Tom Hill, Project Manager (2009), and Mike Reinke, Senior Project Manager (2011), were  promoted from within, a testament not only to their project management capabilities, but also to their continued loyalty and leadership abilities.

Executive Director Jack Calandros, P.E. and Vice President Robert Burr


Jack Calandros, P.E., who has been with Prince since 2000, was appointed Executive Director of the company after serving as COO for the past year.  He will focus on strategic planning and management of all aspects of the company, both in the field and at the corporate level.

We also added a Procurement Department with Jeff Repenning (who previously worked for Prince as a Senior Estimator from 2006 to 2008,) as Vice President, Ryan Jackson as Contracts Administrator, and Brett Kreikemeier as Cost Engineer. Jeff will lead the procurement and equipment department from an executive level, and will also be the liaison between estimating and operations by handling all buyouts, and conducting pre-construction meetings with the management teams following  award.

Anthony Feoli joined the company as Controller.  Anthony has a Master’s Degree in Accounting and previously worked for Dragados USA in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville.

To keep up with all of the hiring and company growth, we added a position in the Human Resources Department, that of Justin Latessa, PHR.  He joins Brianna Howard, Tammy Angel, and Department Manager, Sharon Marsh, SPHR.

The Accounting department went through a major software conversion and expansion, and the department will continue to grow as we add projects.  Connie Tate, AP Manager, and her team, which consists of Wanda Soto, Pat Lowenhaupt, Heta Davis and Emily Pooransingh have worked tirelessly through the conversion. Pam McDade, our Payroll Administrator, logged hundreds of hours to ensure a smooth transition during the conversion. We truly appreciate all of their hard work, long hours, weekends, and late nights.

2016 is shaping up to be a very successful year for Prince, after our record-breaking 2015.  We are growing exponentially and may expand into other markets and diversify into additional market segments.  Stay tuned to The Prince Blog for updates!