CLIENT: Florida Department of Transportation
VALUE: $ 75.8 million

This 1,050-calendar day project widens a two and one-half mile section of highly traveled urban arterial roadway in Orlando, Florida. The project includes a 223 LF flyover bridge structure that will be built on 18” and 24” driven concrete piling and FIB (45”) and Type II ASHTO beams. The bridge will require 2,500 CY’s of Class II superstructure and 1,500 CY’s of Class IV Substructure concrete. Other significant elements of work include more than 500,000 CY’s of embankment, 180,000 SY’s of optional base, 110,000 SY’s of rigid concrete pavement, nearly 35,000 LF of drainage pipe and associated structures and more than 20,000 LF of underground utility piping up to 32” in diameter. Additional elements under this contract include signalization, lightning, and sign and pavement markings.