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Tampa, FL, January 27, 2010 – Prince Contracting, LLC, a civil construction firm based in Tampa, Florida, donated the use of its plane to carry much-needed food and supplies to a church and school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Food and medical supplies collected by Agape Flights, a Christian ministry organization based in Venice, Florida, were loaded aboard Prince’s plane and distributed to their associates in Port-au-Prince. Rice, bottled water, and high protein dietary supplements made up the bulk of the shipment that was delivered to a group of missionaries who are operating an elementary school and church, which was severely damaged in the earthquake. The supplies will be used to feed the children and families of the church who have lost their parents or homes in the tragedy.

Prince’s flight was also able to get Nikki Stolberg, a student volunteering with Children of Promise, back to the orphanage where she works in Cap-Haitien on the northern coast of Haiti. Stolberg brought four orphans to new homes in Florida the previous day and was able to get back the following day because of the donation of Prince.

Prince and its employees understand that their donations and efforts are humble in relation to the enormous need that exists in Haiti, but that their humanitarian efforts were significant to those receiving them.