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Tampa, FL, March 16, 2015 – Prince Contracting, LLC is the apparent low bidder on FDOT project E3N28 to widen to six lanes SR 8 (I-10) from Escambia Bay Bridge to east of SR 281 (Avalon Blvd.) in Santa Rosa County, Florida.  Prince’s low bid of $38,572,800 won over Anderson Columbia, Superior and GLF.

During this 640-day project, Prince  will also correct substandard geometric curves on SR 8, replace the SR 8 bridges over SR 281(which also includes correcting existing vertical clearance deficiencies,) modify  interchange ramps as necessary to meet current criteria, address subsoil geotechnical issues, reconstruct SR 281 within the interchange area, and raise the profile grade, modifying drainage and high-mast lighting as necessary.

Prince Contracting, LLC is a Tampa, Florida General Contractor that self-performs most of its work. In business for over 30 years, Prince specializes in Design-Build and Bid-Build projects across Florida and the Southeast.