OWNER: Georgia Department of Transportation, District 5
VALUE: $ 59.8 million
ENGINEER: Georgia Department of Transportation

During this 1,399-day project, Prince will demolish and replace two existing 1400-foot bascule bridges with two 1900-foot bridges over the Wilmington River, towering approximately 90 feet into the Savannah skyline.  The center portion of the bridge will be Continuous Span by utilizing post tensioning that will span 240 feet from pier to pier, allowing larger boats to navigate the 170-foot channel width utilizing the new composite fender system. Waterworks operations will consist of driving 30″ voided pile up to 100 feet in length, weighing about 700 lbs. per foot, and cast-in-place seal slabs for Bents 4/5/6 that weigh approximately 117,000 lbs. in addition to a cast-in-place footing weighing a little over 800,000 lbs. The waterworks operation will also require a detailed work plan around a very aggressive tidal condition changing almost 8 feet in one work shift.