During the month of February 2007, two Prince dirt crews and two Prince pipe crews made great progress with the project’s earthwork and utility operations. The engineering plans for the Innovation Way project include excavating 380,000 cubic yards of dirt. According to Roy Rains, Project Superintendent, Prince crews have already excavated 75,000 cubic yards and are hard at work filling in an existing ditch that is 7,000 feet in length.

“The centerline of the new road will run directly down this ditch, which is 20 feet wide at the bottom and 12 feet deep. A new ditch will be built for draining purposes during construction,” said Rains.

Other aspects of the project include installing a chain link fence, which will be 33,200 feet in length, installing five miles of reuse line, installing seven miles of storm drainage pipe, constructing six ponds and excavating 50,000 cubic yards of muck. The contract time is 720 days for final completion.

The principals of Prince are Chester W. Prince, CEO, and James B. (Jimmy) Walker, President and COO. Vice President, Jack B. Calandros, manages Prince’s operations in Central Florida.

Specializing in large site infrastructure, golf courses, plus heavy and highway projects throughout Florida, Princes highly trained, experienced construction professionals consistently deliver a level of quality and service unmatched by its competitors. Notable statewide projects include Ocean Hammock Golf Course and Subdivisions in Palm Coast, Florida, The Villages in Lake and Sumter Counties, Florida, Solivita Community and Golf Course in Poinciana, Florida, the World Golf Village in St. Johns County, Florida, and Frenchman’s Reserve in North Palm Beach, Florida.